Eitan Yehuda Scher

Clinical Brain Science and Judeo-American Studies


Born in West Orange, New Jersey, I have reconnected to my people's nomadic origins by finding spaces and friends in various communities around the globe. Starting first in the Greater Tel Aviv area, I continued on towards Jerusalem; this cemented a connection to the many Holy Lands held by indigenous and marginalized communities as sacred. Studying side-by-side with Jewish and Palestinian students not only allowed me to appreciate the value of my tribal identity, it taught me how to self-transcend this concept in the name of coexistence and peace (shalom/salaam). 

After my time abroad, I attended Rutgers University, ultimately majoring in Psychology and completing a minor in Religion. In short of the former, I designed an experiment and wrote an honor's thesis  on meditation and time perception under the supervision of David Wilder, PhD. Additionally, I volunteered in the Social Cognition Lab under the supervision of Rachel Cultice, M.A. There, I worked on projects relating to male responses to "masculinity threat." Lastly, I worked under Christopher Hughes, PhD. of DBT-RU, where I assisted him on his dissertation by providing technical support on an EMA relating to dialectical behavioral therapy skills.

This predicated my most recent research experience; at Columbia University Irving Medical Center (CUIMC) I was a member of the Paul García's Neuroanesthesia Lab. There, I consented patients and set up EEG electrodes mid-surgery to collect brainwave data. Additionally, I wrote a manuscript on the neurocognitive mechanisms and behavioral demonstrations of speech and language dysfunction; this paper is currently in preparation.

Currently, I am assisting the Department of Dental Medicine at CUIMC in data management by converting  multiple spreadsheets into a comprehensive Access database, playing guitar and reading as I prepare for graduate school. 


Exploring the Effects of Meditation and Self-Awareness on Temporal Judgements

B.A. Eitan Yehuda Scher, PhD. David Wilder

Rutgers University


Meditation and Time Perception

Time perception is an interest that my advisor and I share; it served as an excellent bridge for my interests in self-transcendence and mindfulness with Dr. Wilder's background in social psychology. Currently, I am updating the manuscript with backgrou...

Speech and Language

As part of my role as Clinical Research Coordinator for Dr. Paul Garcia, Division Chief of Neuroanesthesilogy, I wrote a manuscript detailing the neurocognitive mechanism of speech and language functioning. The paper detailing the team's cognitive asse...


Eitan Yehuda Scher

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